2010 All Horse Parade in Delaware Ohio Sept. 12th

Date: 2010-09-12

Dream Gait Friesians participate  in the parade .

The weather was perfect, with sunny skys, temps in the low 70's with no detectable humidity. The estimated number of horses in this parade was close to 500. Over 140 “groups” have been entered to participate. Terry Tatman, our manager/trainer, loaded up 5 of our horses to take to Delaware Ohio. We are pretty sure that we were the only friesians in the parade! With the help of Debbie, Pam, Chuck, Becky & LuAnn he was able to showcase the variety of ways that friesian horses can be enjoyed. Terry of course was driving Neo. Neo is our best all around horse. We haven’t found anything he is not able to do. But his favorite thing to do is drive. He was pulling a wagonette made by Justin carriage works from Michigan. LuAnn is riding shotgun, with her mom in the back of the wagon smiling and waving to the crowds. Debbie is riding one of our mares, named Callet. Callet is decked out in western tack and  Debbie in her western attire. Becky is riding another one of my mares, Zenobia. Becky is in her Period Costume in a side saddle seat suit as she shows the elegance of riding english Sidesaddle.  Pam is riding Conan and the two of them are wearing our fantasy costume. Chuck is on Toruk and the two of them are decked out in their finest dressage attire. Each and every one of them are examples of the variety of things this breed can do. Each is ready to walk into any show ring and go for that blue ribbon! Great Job one and all! You looked great! Im so proud of you.

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