Ohio Valley Friesian Horse Classic 2010

Date: 2010-08-07

On August 7th, 2010, we  were competing in our 2nd annual all friesian horse show. It began last year when the Ohio State Fair invited our club, the OVFHA, to have an all friesian show following their draft horse show. They gave us one day, saturday. We took Neo and Conan. We had a lot of fun and it was a learning experience for us. This year the State Fair asked us for a two day show. This year as we attended under the colors of Dream Gait Friesians we were better prepared. We did very well and I have to thank everyone that helped us in our success. We couldn’t have done it without you! 

I have so many favorite moments from the show that I am going to post them individually.

Saturday evening's Liberty class. Last year our gelding, Neo, was a crowd favorite. Unfortunately, Neo was having so much fun at liberty that we were disqualified for failing to bring our horse back in hand within 2 minutes. We didn’t care lol. It was so fun to watch him run around the ring you just couldn’t complain. This year we had 2 entries. Neo of course. And our newest gelding, Toruk. I didn’t get to see Neo's liberty. I had just finished a class and by the time I made it back to the coliseum I was just in time to see Neo run past the end of the arena. I said out loud, Oh no Neo! Not again! And just then, he stopped. Terry walked up to him and he was in hand! When Toruk's turn came I was anxious. How would he react to the crowd? He loved it! What a joy to watch him at liberty. The music stops. I hold my breath. What will he do? He stopped easily for Terry like a pro. When my two boys were announced as 1st and 2nd  I was so proud! 

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