Dream Gait's Bizkit

Bonte Bart x Reitse 272

Bizkit ECHA Baroque Pinto Stallion Click on thumbnail to view larger image

Breed: Baroque Pinto
Gender: Stallion
Color: Black & White
YOB: 2001
Registered: FBHR FHH & ECHA-ESV e.V. Pinto Barocktyp
Stud Fee: $ $1000.00 + $250.00 per Collection + shipping(to be billed)


Bizkit is a 2001, 87.5% friesian and 12.5% warmblood, Baroque Pinto Stallion.  Bizkit's breed is commonly called baroque pinto, friesian pinto, pinto friesian, and barock pinto. This combination of Friesian and Warmblood is producing beautiful baroque type pintos. Bizkit was imported to the United States from Germany, January of 2011. He arrived at Dream Gait in February 2011. Bizkit is ECHA registered in Germany. This type of horse, baroque pinto or friesian pinto, is gaining popularity in the US! He is heterozygous for tobiano which means he will throw color 50% of the time.  Bizkit is also now registered FBHR, Friesian Blood Horse Registry & FHH, Friesian Heritage Horse.


2015 Breeding Contract


Cally Matherly video of Bizkit ~ Taken April 2011

video of Bizkit taken shortly after his arrival to Dream Gait Friesians

Dream Gait's Bizkit - Pedigree

Not Known-Stallion, Not Known
Bonte Nico, (Foundation) Groningen
Not Known-Mare, Not Known
Bonte Bertus ~ Dutch Warmblood
Not Known-Stallion, Not Known
  Friesland Mare, Not Known
Not Known-Mare, Not Known
Bonte Bart ~ Pinto Barock 75%
Not Known-Stallion, Not Known
Not Known-Stallion, Not Known
Not Known-Mare, Not Known
Friesland Mare, Not Known
Not Known-Stallion, Not Known
Not Known-Mare, Not Known
Not Known-Mare, Not Known
Dream Gait's Bizkit
Mark 232 ~ Friesian ~ Stb Preferent
Hearke 254 ~ Friesian ~ Stb Sport + Preferent
Gelbrich ~ Friesian ~ Stb Model + Pref*6
Reitse 272 ~ Friesian ~ Stb Sport + Preferent
Hotse 223 ~Friesian ~ Stb
Pauliene ~ Friesian ~ Stb Ster + Pref*4
Aef ~ Friesian ~ Stb Model + Pref
Holde Van Emden ~ Friesian ~ Stb
Gerke 220 ~ Friesian ~ Stb
Bjinse 241 ~ Friesian ~ Stb
Pinksterblom ~ Friesian ~ Stb Ster
Renata ~ Friesian ~ Stb Ster
Ate 209 ~ Friesian ~ Stb
Saskia ~ Friesian ~ Stb Ster
Jantine ~ Friesian ~ Stb Ster + Pref