Dream Gait's Baefyre

Bizkit x Lute 304 Sport

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Breed: Baroque Pinto
Gender: Gelding
Color: Black & White
YOB: 2013
Registered: FBHR
Sale Price: 35,000


Currently in training with Suzy Stafford and Stafford Carriage Driving

93.75% Friesian x 6.25% Dutch Warmblood


Dream Gait's Baefyre 3 months driving, 3 years old

Bizkit Babies... All Grown Up!

Dream Gait's Baefyre

Dream Gait's Baefyre - Pedigree

Bonte Nico
Bonte Bertus
Friesland Mare, Not Known
Bonte Bart
Not Known-Stallion, Not Known
  Friesland Mare, Not Known
Not Known-Mare, Not Known
Hearke 254 Stb Sport + Preferent
Reitse 272 Stb Preferent
Pauliene Stb Ster + Pref*4
Holde van Emden
Bjinse 241
Renata Ster
Saskia Stb Ster
Dream Gait's Baefyre
Wessel 237 Stb Preferent
Djurre 284 Stb
Wijkje Stb Model + Prf + Prestm*11
Lute 304 Stb Sport
Hearke 254 Stb Sport + Preferent
Ankja Ster
Wietske Stb Ster + Pref*7
Lies fan Bommelsteyn ~ Model
Jochem 259 Stb Preferent
Feitse 293 Stb Preferent
Lysebet Stb Ster + Pref*8
Sjiekedame S. Stb Model + Pref*7
Tsjalling 235 Stb Preferent
Walsdame S. Stb Ster + Pref*5
Geke Stb Ster